How to send and receive money through PayPal in Nigeria

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In today’s digital world, PayPal is a must-have for online transactions worldwide. If you’re in Nigeria and want to use PayPal, it’s not as complicated as it may seem. This guide breaks down the steps to set up a PayPal account that allows you to send and receive money in Nigeria, so you can enjoy the convenience and security of online financial transactions.

Setting Up a PayPal Account in Nigeria:

Know the Basics:

  • Availability: Nigerians now have full access to PayPal, making it a valuable tool for managing finances online.
  • Currency: PayPal transactions in Nigeria primarily use U.S. Dollars (USD), but you can link your Nigerian bank accounts or cards for transactions.
  • Verification: To access all PayPal features, you’ll need to verify your account by linking a bank account and confirming your identity.

How to Create a PayPal Account in Nigeria 2024

  1. Go to the PayPal Website and click “Sign Up” or “Sign Up for Free.”
  2. Choose between “Personal” for individual use or “Business” for commercial transactions.
  3. Enter Your Information, including a valid email address, which serves as your PayPal login.
  4. Add a Lesotho Address (recommended) for smoother account setup and usage.
  5. Verify Your Email Address by clicking the link PayPal sends to your email.
  6. Link a Card or Bank Account for transactions, following PayPal’s verification process.
  7. Confirm Your Identity by providing required identification documents, such as your National ID or Passport.

For more details and enlightenment, you can read the full guide article on How to Create a PayPal Account in Nigeria.

How to Use PayPal in Nigeria?

Once your account is set up and verified, you can start sending and receiving payments hassle-free. Remember these tips:

  • Use a secure internet connection and device when using PayPal.
  • Give your PayPal-linked email address to receive money securely.
  • Keep an eye on your PayPal transactions to stay updated on your finances.
  • Be aware of PayPal’s currency conversion and international transaction fees.

Receiving PayPal Payments in Nigeria via PaytoNaira

Receiving money directly into a PayPal account in Nigeria can be challenging. However, with PaytoNaira, the process becomes seamless. You can conveniently receive money from international sources into our Nigerian PayPal account through PayPal Friends & Family or Goods & Services payment methods. PaytoNaira acts as a bridge, facilitating the exchange of PayPal funds to Naira, offering a convenient and efficient way to access your funds.

PaytoNaira offers competitive exchange rates ensuring you get the best value for your PayPal funds when converting to Naira.

The process is simple:

    1. Log in if you are not already logged in.
    2. Choose the action to buy or sell on the home page trade section.
    3. Select PayPal as the trade type.
    4. Choose your preferred payment method: “Friend and Family” or “Goods and Services”.
    5. Enter the amount of PayPal funds you want to trade and send the amount to the provided email.
    6. Submit all requested form details for review.
    7. Check the status of your trade on the bottom page of your wallet.
    8. Once approved, you can withdraw your funds into your Nigerian bank account.

Start a trade now!

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PaytoNaira simplifies the process of buying, selling, sending, and receiving money through PayPal in Nigeria. With its user-friendly interface, competitive exchange rates, and prompt service, PaytoNaira ensures a seamless experience for individuals and businesses alike. Experience the convenience and reliability of PaytoNaira today for all your PayPal transactions in Nigeria. Start trading now and see how effortless managing your finances can be!

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