Trade Gift Cards for Cash in Nigeria


How to trade gift cards online instantly?

People commonly get gift cards as gifts or token from their loved ones and to be sincere, lot of these people prefer exchanging the gift card for cash instead of using it for purchases. The real question is now how? PaytoNaira is the answer you have been searching for. With PaytoNaira, you can trade your unwanted gift cards for cash instantly and get paid to your Nigeria bank account.

PaytoNaira is the easiest and most secure way to exchange your steam wallet, OneVanilla, eBay, amazon and many other varieties of gift cards in Nigeria for instant payment to your Nigeria bank account. If best site to trade gift cards for instant cash in Nigeria is what you seek, then search no more as PaytoNaira serves you the best. Redeem your unwanted gift cards for naira at better rates now.

How much is Gift Card in Nigeria?

Our exchange rates for gift cards varies on type of cards and the currency form in which the card is, but you can be assured, PaytoNaira serves better rates than any other gift cards exchanger in Nigeria.

It is a secure platform, free of hassle of rippers. If trading  gift cards easily is what you seek for,  then you are on the right spot to trade your steam wallet, OneVanilla, eBay, amazon and many other varieties of gift cards in Nigeria safely.

Paytonaira serves you the best in trading  gift cards for cash in Nigeria.


Listed below are 9 simple steps to redeem gift cards with Paytonaira:

  1. On the home page trade section, choose sell action.
  2. Select gift card on the trade type dropdown box.
  3. Choose gift card type from the dropdown box
  4. Select currency type of your gift card.
  5. Select the value/denomination of your gift card.
  6. Click on open trade button to submit trade.
  7. Review your transaction details and if agreed,
  8. Click to upload gift cards and receipt.
  9. Submit bank details in the finish gift cards form below the page.

Start a trade now!

No registration is required to sell gift  cards on PaytoNaira making it easier and faster to use. More also, faster payments and better rates are guaranteed.

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