Sell PayPal Funds in Nigeria


Where to Sell PayPal Funds?

You can conveniently receive money into PayPal account or withdraw your earnings from Upwork and Fiverr using PaytoNaira. Since receiving money directly via PayPal in Nigeria can be challenging, you might wonder how to sell your PayPal funds in Nigeria. That’s where PaytoNaira steps in. With PaytoNaira’s PayPal service, you can receive money from international countries into your Nigerian PayPal account, whether through PayPal Friends & Family or Goods & Services payment methods

How to Exchange PayPal Funds to Naira

PaytoNaira is a platform that facilitates the exchange of your PayPal funds for Naira, providing you with a convenient and efficient way to access your funds. This service operates by purchasing your PayPal funds and then crediting your Nigerian bank account with the equivalent amount in Naira, based on a favorable exchange rate. This offers you a seamless solution to convert your digital currency into your local currency, making it easier for you to access and use your funds for various financial needs in Nigeria. PaytoNaira’s competitive exchange rates ensure that you get the best value for your PayPal funds when exchanging to Naira, making it a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective method for PayPal fund exchange.

What is Your PayPal Service Exchange Rates ?

At PaytoNaira, we offer flexible rates for exchanging PayPal funds to Naira. We understand that the value of these funds can fluctuate, so we constantly review and adjust our exchange rates to provide the best value for our customers. Trust us to give you a fair and competitive exchange rate for your PayPal funds for sale in Nigeria.

Here are 9 easy steps to trade PayPal funds on PaytoNaira:

  1. If you are not logged in, Log in to continue your trade
  2. On the home page trade section, choose an action either to buy or sell.
  3. Select PayPal on the trade type dropdown box.
  4.  Select payment method; either “friend and family” or “good and services” options.
  5. Enter the amount of PayPal funds you want to trade.
  6. Send the amount you sent to our mail provided.
  7. Submit all requested form details for review.
  8. Check bottom page of your wallet to see the status of your trade.
  9. When shown approved, you can withdraw part or all of your money in balance.

Start a trade now!


PaytoNaira makes it easy to sell and convert your PayPal money into Naira. Our website is super easy to use, so you can do it quickly. We give you good rates and we’re really fast. Whether you’re a regular person or a business owner, we’ve got you covered when it comes to changing your PayPal cash. Give PaytoNaira a try and see how simple, fast, and fair our service really is.

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