Buy and Sell Payoneer funds in Nigeria

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Where to Buy and Sell Payoneer Funds in Nigeria?

Many people don’t know they can securely buy, sell or exchange payoneer funds for Naira faster at a really good rate in Nigeria. PaytoNaira allow users to access Payoneer services online in Nigeria. With our Payoneer exchange service, you can securely buy or sell payoneer funds with ease.

PaytoNaira is the easiest and most secure exchange that allows users to buy and sell payoneer funds in Nigeria at best exchange rates. With PaytoNaira, you can exchange your payoneer for cash at higher rate, as much as N600 per dollar. If best Payoneer exchanger is what you seek then you are in the right spot.

Are you a freelancer not knowing how to withdraw your fiverr/upwork earnings to payoneer? The best answer is PaytoNaira Payoneer exchange service. You can easily withdraw your earning to our payoneer accounts and get paid in naira directly to your Nigeria bank account in minutes.

Paytonaira remains the best Payoneer funds exchanger in Nigeria.


Listed below are 7 simple steps to trade payoneer funds on Paytonaira:

  1. On the home page trade section, choose an action either to buy or sell.
  2. Select Payoneer on the trade type dropdown box.
  3. Input the amount you’d like to trade in numbers.
  4. Click on open trade button to submit trade.
  5. Review your transaction details and if agreed,
  6. Click to view payment details.
  7. Process payment and submit your payment proof and bank details in the finish paypal trade form below the page.

Start a trade now!

No registration is required to buy, sell and exchange payoneer funds on PaytoNaira, making it easier and faster to use. More also, faster payments and better rates are guaranteed.


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