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PaytoNaira is the most secure way to buy and sell paypal funds, payoneer, crypto and gift cards in Nigeria at better exchange rates.

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The best paypal, payoneer, and gift cards exchanger

Ever searched how to buy and sell paypal or payoneer funds in Nigeria? OR Do you seek where to buy and sell paypal or payoneer funds in Nigeria at really good rates? PaytoNaira is the best exchange that allow users to buy and sell paypal or payoneer funds in Nigeria instantly.

PaytoNaira is the easiest and most secure exchange that allow users sell their steam wallet, amazon, eBay, OneVanilla and other gift cards in Nigeria. The exchange is user centric, with respect to the ease of use and offer instant payment, thus PaytoNaira is the best exchanger to buy and sell digital funds in Nigeria.


Based on reviews and analysis, we got over 86% satisfactory from our existing users and trade partners.


We've gotten two thousands, nine hundred and five traded partners guarantee you this is a secure & safe spot to trade.


Overtime our users and trade partners have traded volume of three hundred and fourteen thousands dollars worth of funds.

Here's what makes us different.

Why you should trade your paypal, payoneer and giftcards on PaytoNaira

Amazing Support

Our helpdesk is always available and open to solve your trade issues and complaints immediately after lodged.


We solemnly bear responsibilities on every trade carried out on our platform and we never leave a trade behind.

Better Retes

Our exchange compared to other exchanges, offers better rates when compared to other funds exchangers.

Rapid Trading

When you sell funds on PaytoNaira, we pay naira directly into your bank account instantly.


Our platform is safe and secure to use and scam-free. No more losing funds to rippers.

Easy to Use

We make selling crypto simple with easy to understand steps. Cutting out all complexities.


Best PayPal Exchanger in Nigeria

Buy and sell paypal and payoneer funds at better rates in Nigeria. Intant cash payment to your Nigeria bank account is guaranteed. With PaytoNaira, trade your funds securely and safely.

Trade gift cards for cash

Exchange your steam wallet, OneVanilla, eBay, amazon and many other varieties of gift cards in Nigeria for cash instanly paid to your Nigeria bank account.


Designed and developed to serve you better

With PaytoNaira you can now sell paypal funds in Nigeria, sell payoneer fuunds and exchange gift cards for quick cash all at ease with no registration required. PaytoNaira provide the best exchange rate compared to any other exchanger in Nigeria.

if best exchanger in Nigeria is what you seek, search no more as PaytoNaira is the best platform to exchange your PayPal funds for cash, sell your payoneer funds and trade gift cards in Nigeria.
C.E.O Thamconsult
Tech Reviewer

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