What is the best 4G MiFi router to buy in Nigeria 2023


What is the best 4G MiFi router to buy in Nigeria? Today we’ll be considering our options base on the fastest and cheapest routers in Nigeria. To start with you must have heard of Pocket routers popularly referred to as MIFI? They are now very commonly used today as everyone needs these mobile devices for seamless connection to the internet. If you need a reliable WiFi hotspot frequently, then I suggest you consider getting this device.

If you are having troubles in choosing which ISPs MIFI router to buy, here you’ll see a list of the best 4G MIFI in Nigeria.

Best 4G MiFi Router to Buy in Nigeria:

4G MIFI Routers in NigeriaPrice
Airtel 4G LTE MiFi₦12,000
ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi₦17,800
Smile 4G Mifi₦14,500
Glo 4G LTE MiFi Wifi₦14,990
9mobile 4G Mifi₦18,800
Spectranet Evo Mifi + 60GB₦21,500

1. Airtel 4G LTE MiFi

For reliable and stable internet connection on the go, Airtel introduced its LTE MiFi to help keep its users online. This MiFi device is one of the fastest and also has different plans you can use on it. It’s most affordable and you can enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted internet activities.

Airtel LTE MiFi is available for N12,000 on Airtel shop, and you can also get it on other stores for nothing less than N14,000, it comes with 25GB of free data that’ll last you for 30 days. Airtel LTE MiFi is one of the cheapest MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria.

2. ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi

ZTE Universal Mobile MiFi is a router device that allows using of different sim cards (For Ntel, Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9Mobile & Smile) on it and it also features fast internet activities. ZTE devices are more than 5 and they all have different prices placed on them. The lowest you can buy a ZTE Mobile MiFi is N17,800 and the highest you’ll buy one is around 30,000

It has a strong battery and can last longer for you to use and browse as you want. Its internet speed is top-notch too.

3. Smile 4G MiFi

Smile 4G are one of the best wireless internet service providers in Nigeria and they have some of the best plans you’ll find on a MiFi device. You can get a Smile 4G MiFi at an affordable price and you’ll also get a very nice data subscription alongside it. You can get a Smile 4G MiFi for as low as N14,500 and it comes with a free 30GB of data that’ll last you for a month.

You’ll also get some cool add-ons like free calls and SMS. Smile 4G MiFi has a very strong battery and it’ll last you for hours while you surf the internet in your own comfort. Smile 4G MiFi is one of the best MiFi Modems to buy in Nigeria.

4. Glo 4G LTE MiFi Wifi

GLO 4G MiFi is one of the most affordable MiFi devices in Nigeria, it’s a known internet device from one of the network giants in the country making it even more reliable for purchasing. GLO 4G MiFi is fast and also comes with a good battery.

You can get the GLO 4G MiFi for N14,990 from online stores and even physical shops. This device is one of the best MiFi devices you can buy in Nigeria and it also has good data plans that are very affordable.

5. 9mobile 4G Mifi

Price: ₦18,800
  • Chipset: QualcommNetwork 4G CAT4 150Mbps/3G
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n Standards
  • Memory 2GB RAM + 1GB ROM
  • Maximum Wi-Fi User 16
  • Battery 2200mAh Polymer
  • Usage 6 – 8 hours
  • Feature :Wi-Fi Hotspot, LCD Screen Display, Micro USB 2.0 port

6. Spectranet MiFi

Spectranet is amongst the few that offer huge data bundles at affordable rates. When choosing this as your preferred MiFi, you have to be sure which of the MiFi modems you’re picking as Spectranet has different types of MiFi devices to select from. This includes the Ace MiFi (N23,500), Evo MiFi (N21,500) and Freedom MiFi, nonetheless, since we are only concerned about the cheapest and best MiFi you can get, then it’s wise to point you in the right direction.

The Freedom MiFi is the cheapest of the pack. It comes with a lot of amazing features which include multiple-user Wi-Fi access to support up to 10 users, comes with a display screen, a standard micro USB interface for laptop/PC connection and battery life up to 8Hrs working & 24hrs standby time. The Freedom MiFi cost N17,000 and comes with 45GB + Unlimited Night Browsing + 100% Data Bonus for the first 3 renewals (Renewal on N5000 plan or above).


These are the best and arguably the cheapest MiFi modems you can buy in Nigeria. These devices will give you the best internet service that you need. They’re fast and affordable.

However before purchasing a MIFI device, it is important you check the ISP network coverage in your location. Many people often make the mistake of buying a mifi router before checking for network coverage in their home or office and end up having regrets, so this is very important.

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