Friends and family or Goods and services PayPal payment options?


What’s the difference between friends and family or goods and services payments?

You can send money to friends and family or pay for goods and services in the Send & Request

If you’re sending a payment, payment types include:

  • Sending to a friend and family – used when sending money or a gift card to a friend or family member with a personal PayPal account. Before you complete a payment, you can opt to pay the fee, or pass it onto the recipient by changing it to a Goods or Services payment, to be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection.
    This payment type will only be available for payments sent to personal PayPal accounts. Business accounts won’t be able to receive these payment types. This change goes into effect on July 28th, 2022.
  • Paying for goods or service – used when buying an item or service from someone. When you make a purchase, the seller pays a small fee to receive your money. Your payment is covered by our protection policy automatically.

You can make a personal payment to anyone with a personal PayPal account in the U.S. for free. Just make sure that you pay the entire amount using your bank account or your balance if you have a PayPal Balance account. There is a small charge for payments made with a debit or credit card.

Listed below are 8 simple steps to trade paypal funds on Paytonaira:

  1. On the home page trade section, choose an action either to buy or sell.
  2. Select PayPal on the trade type dropdown box.
  3.  Select payment method; either “friend and family” or “good and services” options.
  4. Input the amount you’d like to trade in numbers.
  5. Click on open trade button to submit trade.
  6. Review your transaction details and if agreed,
  7. Click to view payment details.
  8. Process payment and submit your payment proof and bank details in the finish paypal trade form below the page.

Start a trade now!

No registration is required to buy or sell and exchange paypal funds on PaytoNaira, making it easier and faster to use. More also, faster payments and better rates are guaranteed.

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