Best MTN Tariff and Cheapest Data Plans in Nigeria

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In the fast-changing digital world, it’s important to stay connected. Nigeria has a big telecoms industry that offers different data options. MTN Nigeria is one of the largest providers and has many tariff and data plans. Let’s take a look at MTN’s range of options that can suit different needs and budgets in accordance to their tariffs.

  1. MTN Pulse: Perfect for the youth and data-savvy individuals, this plan offers affordable rates for night browsing and streaming.
  2. MTN GoodyBag: If you’re a social media enthusiast, you can choose from different GoodyBag bundles tailored for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and more.
  3. MTN XtraSpecial prepaid: A great Tariff Plan with amazing benefits. Learn how to migrate to it!

Cheapest MTN Pulse Data Plans in Nigeria:

To migrate to MTN Pulse, dial *406*1#

1. MTN 1GB for ₦500 Data Plan

Looking for a better data deal? Why settle for 9mobile’s offer of 500MB for N500 when you can get double the data for the same price with MTN Pulse? With MTN Pulse, you’ll enjoy twice as much data compared to 9mobile. Just imagine how much data you can have when you accumulate this plan multiple times. By repeating this plan, for example, you can get a massive 4GB of data for just ₦2000! Isn’t that amazing? Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Make the smart choice and switch to MTN Pulse for more data and better value for your money. Explore limitless possibilities with MTN Pulse today!

How to Subscribe MTN 1GB for ₦500?

To subscribe to the MTN 1GB for ₦500 Pulse plan and enjoy its benefits, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you are on the Pulse plan. If not, dial *406*1# to migrate to MTN iPulse.
  2. Make sure you have at least N500 airtime on your MTN line.
  3. Dial *406*2# to initiate the subscription process.
  4. You will see a screen prompt with the message “You’ll be charged N500 for this bundle, valid for 7 days. 1. Proceed and 0. Back.”
  5. Input “1” to proceed with the subscription.
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to the Pulse plan. Enjoy the benefits!

Note: This subscription is valid for 7 days.

2. MTN Night Data Plan

This plan is solely designed for Pulse users. Best for those who don’t want to use up their regular internet plan. With this, you are allowed to browse only within specified hours of the night (12 am to 4 am). You will get 500MB with just ₦25 and the speed is perfect especially if you’re using a 4G-enabled phone. Also, it works on all devices.

How to Subscribe MTN Night Plan

To subscribe to the MTN Night Plan, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have at least N25 airtime on your line.
  2. Send an SMS with the message “NIGHT” to 131.
  3. Wait for the activation SMS confirming your subscription.
  4. Enjoy browsing on the MTN Night Plan between the hours of 12 am and 4 am.

MTN has brought back our optimism for affordable browsing, which is certainly positive news.


MTN Goodybag Social Plans: Subscription and Data Balance

To migrate to MTN Goodybag, dial *406*6#

Subscribing to MTN’s Goodybag social plans is easy. You can choose your plan by dialing *131*3# or *662#, or simply send a keyword to 131. For example, to subscribe to Facebook weekly, send “FBW” to 131. To unsubscribe, add “STOP” to the keyword, like “STOPFBW” to 131. You can also manage subscriptions via *662#.

Remember, Goodybag plans auto-renew, so ensure you have enough balance. If you use up your data before expiry, unsubscribe the used plan before subscribing to a new one.

To check your data balance on Goodybag social plans, dial *559*25# and see your remaining data for each plan.

MTN XtraSpecial prepaid: Subscription and Data Balance

How To Migrate To Xtraspecial Prepaid Plan.

You can migrate to the MTN XtraSpecial plan via any of the channels below:

Text ‘408’ to 312 or Dial *408*1# or dial *123*2*4#

Special data bundles:

  • 15GB monthly data bundle at ₦3,500
  • 5GB monthly data bundle at ₦1,500

Some Other Cheap MTN Data Plans in Nigeria:

1. MTN TopDeal4ME Data Plan

If you’re a loyal MTN network user, you’ll be glad to know that MTN offers a special code to help you discover and access the most suitable data plans available. Through the MTN TopDeal4Me portal, you can explore a range of enticing data offers tailored just for you. While I can’t specify the exact types of data plans you’ll find there, rest assured that you’ll have access to amazing deals and promotions. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to find the perfect data plan that suits your needs.

  • To avail of this feature, simply ensure that you have an active MTN SIM card. Dial the code *121#, then select option 1 for TopDeal4ME. From there, you can activate your data based on the available offers.

You’ll usually find offers like 1.5GB for N500 or 2GB for N500. These bundles typically last for 7 days. Let me know if you come across any different offers.

2. MTN YouTube Data Plan

If you’re someone who enjoys streaming videos on YouTube, then this part is made for you.

Introducing a special plan from MTN designed for YouTube enthusiasts. If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and follow multiple channels, then this plan is perfect for you. With two affordable options available, you can choose between the 1-hour plan priced at N150 or the 3-hour plan priced at N400. Stay connected and enjoy endless hours of YouTube entertainment with MTN’s YouTube data plan.

How to Subscribe MTN YouTube Data Plan?

  • To access the full menu, dial *318# .
  • For the 1-hour plan, dial *131*8*1#. It costs N150 and has a data cap of 750MB.
  • If you prefer the 3-hour plan, dial *131*8*2#. This one costs N400 and has a data cap of 2.25GB.
  • Both plans are valid for 24 hours.


MTN offers a variety of affordable data plans in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking for personalized deals, cheap night data, or options specifically for YouTube and social medias, MTN has you covered. Stay connected and enjoy more data for less with these budget-friendly plans. Happy surfing!

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