6 WhatsApp New Features You Need to Know

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I believe WhatsApp shouldn’t be a strange app to anyone reading this but should incase you don’t really know what WhatsApp really is, WhatsApp is a freeware, cross-platform, centralized instant messaging and voice-over-IP service owned by United States tech conglomerate Meta Platforms. It allows users to send text, voice messages and video messages, make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other content all for free. In accordance with Wikipedia.

On May 18, 2023, Meta Apps released a new version of WhatsApp for both Android and iOS users that comes with some well awaited cool features. Some of these features may includes:

6 WhatsApp New Features:

  1. Video voice note
  2. screen-share while on video call
  3. Transfer chat history from one phone to another with no google drive, iCloud or backup required
  4. Send photos or videos in HD quality
  5. Link your WhatsApp to another phone
  6. Edit an already sent message

1. How to make video voice note on WhatsApp

Sending a video message is just as simple as sending a voice message. Just tap record icon to switch to video mode, and hold to record the video. You can also swipe up to lock and record the video hands-free. Videos will play automatically on mute when opened in a chat, and tapping on the video will start the sound. This feature allow you to send a voice not in form of video and expressing your facial feelings.

2. How to screen-share while on video call with WhatsApp

While on video call with your phone contact, at the bottom of the display, tap the screen-sharing icon (a phone with an arrow on it) then after, confirm that you want to share your screen from the permission text that will pop-up. You can tap on stop Sharing whenever you like to stop your screen-share. This feature enables you and your contact to view each other screen even when not together.

3. How to transfer WhatsApp chat history from one phone to another

Navigate to your settings, select chat at the bottom you will see options that stated “Move Chats to Android” and “Transfer Chats to iPhone”, choose whichever option that suited your action then click start and follow the instructions that pop-up your screen.

Should incase this feature is not be available on your phone at the moment, try updating your WhatsApp to the latest version and retry the process.

4. How to send photos or videos in HD quality on WhatsApp

I believe we are all aware of WhatsApp usual act of ruining qualities of your videos or photos when sent to others with it’s good aim of reducing file size, with the new feature added to WhatsApp in the recent updates you can easily avoid having to send your photos or videos in low qualities. Here is how; Just before you hit the send button on your videos or photos, you’ll see an option showing HD at the top of your screen, tap it and you will be able to select HD quality then send after.

I can gladly tell you this is my most appreciated development in the whole added features as I can now decide whether to minimize my data usage or not. Thank you Meta Apps!

5. How to link your WhatsApp to another phone

Previously if your old phone is an Android device, you will not be able to link with an iPhone but with the newly added features, you can now login your WhatsApp on your new device regardless if iPhone or Android without being logged out on your old device. Here’s how; download latest to your new device and you will see option below input phone number box that stated “or link this device to an existing account”. Click link this device and follow the instructions on your screen.

6. How to edit an already sent message on WhatsApp

Gone are the days when grammatical error made in your WhatsApp message you will have to recompose the message and resend then delete the previous message or some just adapt to the style of pointing out and correction the error with new message ending with the sign asterisk (*) but no with this new features of WhatsApp, you can just tap and hold the chat then select edit message from the options. Your old message will be brought back an input box, correct your typo error and click the done button.


Please note that some of these may yet to be available on your WhatsApp but in most cases updating your WhatsApp to latest version on your App store or Paly store might solve it but still in rare cases updating your WhatsApp may not solve the issue of not seeing some of the features yet on your WhatsApp which can only means you will have to wait till it becomes available to you.

There might still be more features I am yet to discover, if you have please do not hesitate to share with comment box below and you can also comment which of these features that interest you the most. Do not hesitate to hit the share buttons below to create awareness of these features to your family and friends. Thank you!


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