How to Make Money Being an Amazon Associates


Previously I discussed about Everything you need to know about Amazon Affiliate ProgramHow to setup an Amazon Associates (Affiliate) Account and How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link. Just incase you have not read them, kindly take little of your time to read them. Now I will be talking about How to Make Money Being an Amazon Associates.

Normally, applying for the Amazon Affiliate program and becoming an associate isn’t really the difficult part. The difficulties is being able to make enough sales in order to turn your passion project into a source of income.

Below are listed few tips on how to make money being an Amazon Assocates:

1. Select a niche for your website.

Amazon Affiliate Website Niche

Becoming an Amazon Associate isn’t an ideal idea if your website focuses on multi-niche (home improvement, beauty products, and novel writing) all simultaneously. To ensure you can make the most out of your affiliate partnership with Amazon, choose a single ecommerce niche for your website.

Whether that be paleo cooking or DIY educational activities for teachers, the niche must be of especial interest to you — something you can continuously write about without getting tired. This gives you more opportunities to naturally insert product links without being overly salesy.

By choosing a niche, you also make your site look more authoritative to visitors, because talking about one thing all the time makes you look like an expert. Touching upon a wide breadth of topics could make it seem like you’re writing content for the sake of writing content. You’ll also typically have less competition if you focus on a highly specific topic that not many others have touched upon.

2. Write product reviews and comparison posts.

Amazon affiliate product reviews

One of the best ways to make money as an Amazon Associate is by writing product reviews and posts comparing two or more products. This gives you the opportunity to link to the products you are reviewing.

The interesting part? These are usually high-intent posts, meaning that the person looking for a review is close to purchasing the product (if not ready to buy). After all, no one would look for a review of a product that they have no willingness of buying.

Product comparison posts offer an even greater opportunity to sell because if the visitor decides one product isn’t for them, you’re offering them several alternatives to choose from. It’s a win-win all around and a sure way to drive more referrals toward Amazon.

3. Blog constantly.

Amazon affiliate blog

At the core of a strong Amazon Affiliate strategy is a blog that gives you plenty of opportunities to include product mentions and links. For that reason, I recommend blogging constantly.

Try to go for one blog post per week, but quality does matter more than quantity. If you write two well-researched posts per month, you may drive more qualified traffic to Amazon than if you wrote eight poorly-written posts.

Implement a content marketing strategy that will help you create blog posts that are topically relevant. You’ll want to learn SEO basics to make sure you’re optimizing your site for online search.

4. Create a storefront on your website.

Amazon affiliate storefront

You don’t have to only rely on editorial mentions to drive referrals to Amazon. You can actually create a storefront that acts like an online store — the only difference is that every link points to Amazon instead of a checkout page on your website.

Storefronts are a great choice because they require minimal upkeep and content writing. Once visitors get to your site, it’ll be simple and easy for them to browse through the products. Another benefit is that the links aren’t buried within other content.

The one thing you’ll need to do is check the links on a monthly basis to ensure your storefront drives referrals. Sometimes, product pages move, or products are removed entirely from Amazon. You want to make sure every product is still available on the retailer’s website.

5. Advertise your website on social media and search engines.

amazon affiliate ad

Without traffic on your website, you will be unable to drive referrals to Amazon and earn commission. Writing good content, learning SEO, and creating a content marketing strategy will get you far. But you want to make sure you’re covering all your bases.

Invest in paid social ads, as well as pay-per-click ads on Google. While advertising may sound expensive, the investment can be quite affordable, especially if you’re using the PPC model. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads, and the best part is that you can set a budget, so that you’re not overcharged. It’s an easy way to drive traffic to your site; all you need to do is create ad imagery with a tool such as Canva.

Getting Paid as an Amazon Associate

Now that you’ve created a strong strategy for getting your Amazon Affiliate website off the ground, it’s time to get paid.

How do Amazon Associates get paid?

Amazon Associates get paid by direct deposit. You’ll automatically receive the funds in your bank account. Alternatively, you can opt to receive an Amazon gift card or a check by mail.

When do Amazon Associates get paid?

Amazon Associates get paid monthly, but there’s a catch: you get paid 60 days after the end of the month you’re getting paid for. For instance, you’ll get paid at the end of March for the commission you earned in January.

When does commission get officially attributed to Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates officially earn commission when the order has shipped. If the customer cancels the order before it’s shipped, you won’t receive any commission. If the customer returns the product after purchase, the commission will be deducted from your earnings.

After applying to the Amazon Associates program, your account will be approved for 180 days. During that time, you must make at least three sales, or your account will be closed. That’s why it’s so important to have a strategy for your Amazon Affiliate endeavors. However, you can reapply for the Amazon Associate program after you’ve made adjustments to your site.

Get Started with the Amazon Affiliate Program Today

The Amazon Affiliate program is an excellent way to turn a side passion into a source of passive income. Select a niche, write product-centric content, and include contextual affiliate links, and you’ll be sure to grow your Amazon Affiliate income to astronomical levels.

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