How to Lock Apps on Your iPhone Using Screen Time


I know how frustrating it could get when people around you start to intrude your privacy by searching through some personal space on your phone you do not want other eyes seeing and yes it can happen to you or anyone, Surprised? It could be your spouse, family and friends or even guidance.

You can lock apps on your iPhone by setting screen time or without screen time. Also, you can use third-party apps that help lock apps and manage screen time. 

Few iOS Apps offers this service of being the pathway of hiding your apps on your iPhone but one way or the others most of these few apps comes with quite numbers of disadvantages or reasons you wouldn’t want to make use of them. Some of these disadvantages may includes: Bombarding your phone with irrelevant adverts just to provide you with there service for free or some that don’t serve you with adverts will required you to subscribe for their service with certain amount monthly and few others might even expose your iPhone to malware or malicious files that can really cause damage to your iPhone. None of which you will really want to opt in for.

In this article, I’ll provide you with step-by-step guide to help you lock apps on your iPhone Using Screen Time:

How to Lock Apps on Your iPhone Using Screen Time:

  1. Navigate to your phone settings and scroll down to screen time and click.
  2. Ensure your screen time is turned on if it’s currently not.
  3. You will be ask if the iPhone is for Yourself or Your Child, Choose the right answer.
  4. On the screen time page, click on use screen time passcode.
  5. A page will come up requesting you to set a screen time passcode.
  6. Input your desired 4 digit code.
  7. Next Page will come up requesting you to input your Apple ID and Password should in case you ever forget your passcode and need to use “forgot passcode?”
  8. Navigate back to your screen time and click on App Limits and click Add limit the input your 4 digit code.
  9. To lock all apps on your iPhone, select “All Apps & Categories” or you can choose to select some of the apps you will like to lock and click next
  10. Set to 1 minute and ensure Block at End of Limit is toggled on the click add.


Since Apple does not have a default way to lock apps on your iPhone, this means that you will have to wait for about 5 minutes or less before your selected apps actually get locked. Once the apps are locked and you want to make use of one of the apps, all you need to do is to open the app in which the app will request you to approve how long you will be staying on the app before it gets locked again. Thereafter, your 4-digits passcode will be requested to proceed after setting the usage time for the app.

Now if you set the time to 15 minutes for the app usage, regardless of actions you perform on your phone the app will stay unlocked for 15 minutes before getting locked again. I believe this article will be somewhat of help, why not share with your family and friends?

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