How To Fix Instagram Ads Payment Failed in Nigeria 2023


Running ads on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can be both exciting and challenging, especially when you encounter unexpected issues with payment methods. In Nigeria, it is not uncommon to face difficulties when settling your ads bills using the same debit card you initially used. This can be frustrating, leaving you wondering what went wrong and how to resolve the situation.

One common scenario is that after running your ads for a few days or weeks, you suddenly find yourself unable to make payment due to a card decline error. Naturally, your first instinct might be to add a new card, thinking that the issue lies with the initial payment method. However, adding a new card may not necessarily solve the problem.

It’s important to note that the issue may not be directly related to the card itself. There could be several reasons why your card is being declined or why you are unable to settle your ads bills. These reasons can range from technical glitches to limitations imposed by the platform.

please select another payment method or try again.

Having trouble paying your Instagram ads bill can be quite frustrating. It’s even more bothersome when this issue leads to your ads account being temporarily disabled until the outstanding bill is settled. Dealing with such a situation can be overwhelming, but it’s important to stay calm and approach it with a clear mind.

Remember that setbacks are temporary and solutions are available. Don’t let this payment problem discourage you. By staying positive and focused, you can resolve the issue and continue with your Instagram ads campaign smoothly. If you’re facing difficulties with payment, I’m here to guide you and help you fix the problem.

How To Fix Instagram Ads Payment Failed

In Nigeria, many blogs have offered different approaches to solve the ads issue, but none have been successful. The reason is that there is no genuine solution, only a remedy.

To resolve payment issues and ensure smooth running of your Instagram or Facebook ads, follow these steps:

  • Use your computer for this process.
  • And Implement the following instructions.

Three Simple Steps to Get Your Ads Running Again

1. Create a new Facebook ads manager profile

Yes, you will need to set up a new Facebook ads manager profile on your old Facebook ads account that already has your Instagram and Facebook Pages linked. This can be done by downloading Facebook ads manager and Facebook Business Suite on the App Store or Play Store, or you can visit Facebook Ads Manager on your PC.

2. Set Payment Method to Prepaid

In the realm of digital advertising, the issue of payment has always been of great significance. One such challenge that has emerged is the recurring problem with the postpaid method of linking your bank card directly to your Facebook Ads account. However, there is a way to circumvent this potential hurdle and ensure the seamless execution of your advertising campaigns.

Instead of relying solely on the postpaid method, which may soon cease to function as intended, consider embracing the prepaid method as an alternative. By selecting the option of “Naira Payment with MasterCard/VISA (PayU),” you can take proactive steps to address ads payment issues effectively as seen in the image below.

Naira Payment with MasterCard/VISA (PayU)

Why You Should Choose Prepaid Ads Method Over Postpaid Ads Method ?

When it comes to paying for ads on Facebook, there are two types of accounts: prepaid and postpaid. The prepaid ads method accepts almost all Naira cards, while the postpaid method requires a card that can handle international transactions. So it is wise to choose the prepaid option if you don’t have an international payment card.

With the prepaid method, you can add money to your Facebook Ads account before starting your campaigns. Instead of dealing with unexpected payment issues later, you have control over your finances by putting the necessary funds in advance. This helps make your advertising experience smoother and easier.

Say goodbye to the worries about payment problems with ads on apps like Instagram and Facebook. When you use the prepaid method, you can be confident that your advertising campaigns will go smoothly, without any unexpected issues getting in your way.

In Summary, switching from postpaid to prepaid methods can help avoid payment problems and make advertising on platforms like Facebook Ads easier. Prepaid advertising is simple and effective, and it can solve past payment issues.

3. Run all your ads on the new account

Provided you have been able to fund your new prepaid ads account, and also ensuring the new ad profile is set up on same account you have your pages linked to, neglect the profile you are owing Facebook and focus more on the newly funded prepaid account to run all your new ads. Once you exhaust your balance on the the prepaid account, Your ads will stop running and all you will need to do is just to come back to your Facebook ads manager and add fund using Naira Payment with MasterCard/VISA (PayU) again. This way you will never encounter ads payment issues again on your account.

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  2. Maryam Ibrahim Avatar
    Maryam Ibrahim

    I’ve literally done everything but it still says my payment failed. I have an outstanding balance to pay before I can create new ad. I put in details of my valid cards, it will accept the card as a new payment method but when I try to be the outstanding balance, it says “we weren’t able to process your payment” I’ve been struggling with this for over a year now. Please help

    1. paytonaira Avatar

      Kindly follow the prepaid procedure as guided in the article above

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