Exchange Zelle Funds USD for Naira NGN in Nigeria


In my previous articles, I’ve discussed How to Buy and Sell PayPal funds and How to Buy and Sell Payoneer funds at amazing rates in Nigeria. In this article, I will be discussing How to convert your Zelle fund to Naira using PaytoNaira.

Do you have friends and relatives abroad that wants to gift you some token amount of money via zelle but don’t know how to receive it provided that Zelle is not available for Nigerians users or may be you just rendered a service and your client offers to make your payment only by Zelle? Worry no more as PaytoNaira as got you covered by helping you receive your Zelle USD Payments from abroad in exchange to fund your Nigeria local bank account in matter of minutes at a favorable exchange rate usually above N520 per dollar and up to N550 per dollar.

With PaytoNaira, to sell your Zelle funds for cash in Nigeria has just been made easier than ever. I know by now you must be wondering on how to go about it. It’s pretty much easy to exchange your Zelle funds for Naira using PaytoNaira by following the 7 simple steps below.

How do I convert Zelle funds to naira with PaytoNaira?

  1. On the home page trade section, choose the sell action.
  2. Select Zelle on the trade type dropdown box.
  3. Input the amount you’d like to trade in numbers.
  4. Click on open trade button to submit trade.
  5. Review your transaction details and if agreed,
  6. Click to view payment details.
  7. Process payment and submit your payment proof and bank details in the finish paypal trade form below the page.

How fast do I get my payment when trading Zelle with PaytoNaira?

PaytoNaira is one of the best exchanger in zelle and other funds like PayPal, Payoneer and even gift cards. We are fast, free, secure and easy to use. Worry not about being scammed using PaytoNaira as we’ve made quite a name for ourselves with lot of good reviews and recommendations here in Nigeria. Our Priority is to serve you the best in any of your digital exchanges. Our Zelle exchange payment is usually processed after reflection of your Zelle payment on our balance which is always less than 15 minutes

How much is Zelle rate per dollar in Nigeria?

For any of your digital funds exchanges, PaytoNaira offers you with best rates second to none and Zelle exchange is not left out in this. Wth PaytoNaira you can trade your Zelle funds for as much as N550 per dollar. So what are you waiting for ?

Start trading your zelle with PaytoNaira today!

No registration is required to buy, sell and exchange Zelle funds on PaytoNaira, making it easier and faster to use. More also, faster payments and better rates are guaranteed.

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