Best GLO Tariff And Cheapest Data Plans In Nigeria


In this digitally-driven era, access to affordable mobile services is important. GLO stands out among Nigerian network providers, offering competitive tariff plans and cost-effective data bundles to meet diverse needs and budgets. In this article, we’ll delve into the best GLO tariff plans and data packages, complete with subscription details, USSD codes, benefits, and more.

Best GLO Tariff And Cheapest Data Plans In Nigeria

1. Glo BEREKETE 10X Tariff Plan

Glo BEREKETE 10X tariff plan is a bonus-based prepaid package that rewards GLO customers with significant voice and data benefits. New customers are welcomed with a generous N1,000 bonus upon activation, along with a whopping 10X bonus on every recharge for both voice and data usage. Additionally, new customers enjoy up to 100% bonus on data plan purchases for the first four months. Existing customers also benefit from the 10X bonus on recharges, making it a lucrative option for those who make frequent calls and use data extensively.

Here’s a breakdown of its features:

1. What is BEREKETE 10X?: BEREKETE 10X is a bonus-based prepaid tariff plan where customers receive 10 times the value of every recharge in the form of voice and data benefits.

2. Eligibility: All new and existing prepaid customers are eligible for BEREKETE 10X.

3. Benefits:

  • For new customers, there’s a welcome bonus of N1,000 upon successful activation of their lines, along with a whopping 10X bonus on every recharge for both voice and data usage.
  • New customers also enjoy up to 100% bonus on every data plan purchase for the first 4 months.
  • Existing customers receive the 10X bonus on all recharges but are not eligible for the one-off welcome bonus or the bonus on data plan purchases.

4. Additional Benefits:

  • The welcome bonus of N1,000 can be used for voice calls to all networks and data usage. It’s given upon activation of a new Glo SIM, after registration, minimum N100 recharge, and making the first call.
  • The 10X bonus varies based on recharge amounts, providing substantial voice and data benefits.
  • Voice and data bonuses are valid for 7 days.
  • Voice bonus can be used to call all networks, and data bonus can be used for browsing, chatting, social media, etc.

5. Usage:

  • Account balance is depleted in the order of one-off welcome bonus account, voice recharge bonus account, and main account.
  • Bonus cannot be used for SMS, international calls, or value-added services.

6. Data Benefits:

  • Bonus data is separate from existing data plans and is consumed first.
  • Customers can buy data plans while still enjoying BEREKETE 10X data bonus.

7.  Migration:

  • Customers can migrate to Glo BEREKETE 10X plans by dialing  *301# . The first migration within a month is free, subsequent migrations attract a charge.
  • Unused bonus is lost upon migration, so it’s recommended to utilize bonuses before migrating.

8. Bonus Accumulation and Sharing: Bonuses can accumulate with each recharge but cannot be shared with other Glo customers.

9. Duration and Charges: Charges for usage from bonus accounts vary depending on the duration of usage on the network.

10. Information and Support: Customers can contact Glo Customer Care or visit Gloworld outlets for more information.

BEREKETE 10X is not a promotional offer but a tariff plan with sustained benefits for subscribers.

2. Glo ALWAYS ON Tariff Plan

For users who prioritize continuity and reliability, Glo ALWAYS ON tariff plan offers an unparalleled solution. With ALWAYS ON, subscribers enjoy 365 days of uninterrupted service, irrespective of usage. This means that even if you don’t make calls, send texts, or browse the internet for an entire year, your line remains active on the Glo network. Coupled with a flat tariff rate of 12k/sec to call all networks, ALWAYS ON is ideal for frequent travelers or individuals who require a hassle-free mobile experience.

Here’s a breakdown of key points:

1. Subscription Process: You can subscribe to the ALWAYS ON plan by dialing *301# and selecting the ALWAYS ON option from the menu. A one-time fee of N500 will be deducted from your main account balance upon subscription.

2. Benefits:

  • Your line remains active on the Glo network for 365 days, even if you don’t make calls, send texts, or use data.
  • You can make and receive calls at any time during the 365 days, as long as you have sufficient airtime balance.
  • Enjoy a flat tariff rate of 12k/sec to call all networks, without any hidden charges or daily subscription fees.

3. Other Charges:

  • Normal charges apply for SMS and pay-as-you-go data browsing.
  • International calls are charged at the standard rates applicable to the called destination.

4. Subscribing to Other Products: You can still subscribe to other Glo products and services while on the ALWAYS ON plan, using the respective USSD codes or online platforms.

5. Migration to Other Tariff Plans: You can migrate to other tariff plans by dialing the respective USSD code. However, migrating out of ALWAYS ON will result in the loss of the 365 days validity status.

6. Renewal: To renew your ALWAYS ON subscription, ensure you have a minimum of N500 airtime balance and dial *301#.

7. Eligibility: The ALWAYS ON offer is available to all Glo prepaid customers.

8. Unused Balance: Unused balance in your main account will be credited to your Always On account upon successful subscription. However, unused bonus balance from the previous plan will no longer be available.

9. Expiration: You will receive reminders prior to expiration for re-subscription to the ALWAYS ON plan. If you don’t re-subscribe, your line will no longer enjoy the 365 days guaranteed active status.

10. Promotional Offer: ALWAYS ON is not a promotional offer; it is a standard subscription offer from Glo.

For further inquiries or information, customers can visit Gloworld outlets or contact Glo Customer Care.

3. Glo 11k/sec Tariff Plan

Glo’s 11k/sec tariff plan is tailored for users seeking simplicity and affordability. With a flat call rate of 11 kobo per second to all networks in Nigeria, customers can make calls without worrying about complex charges or hidden fees. While there’s a daily access fee of N10 charged with the first call of the day, subsequent calls are billed at the flat rate of 11k/sec. This plan is perfect for budget-conscious individuals who prioritize low call rates and straightforward pricing.

Here are the key details:

1. What is Glo 11k/sec plan?
– It’s a tariff plan where customers can call all networks in Nigeria at 11 kobo per second after an initial deduction of N10 on the first call of the day.

2. How to join Glo 11k/s plan?: Dial *301# to migrate to the Glo 11k/sec plan.

3. SMS Rates:

  • On-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
  • International SMS: N35/SMS

4. Access Fee: An access fee of N10 is charged on the first outgoing call of the day. Subsequent calls on the same day are charged at 11 kobo per second without the access fee.

5. Data Benefits: There are no free data benefits with this plan, but customers can purchase data plans using their main account balance.

6. Migration and Fees:

  • First migration in a month is free. Subsequent migrations within the same month incur a charge of N100.
  • All features and promotions of the previous plan stop upon migration to Glo 11k/sec plan.

7. Opting Out: Dial the migration code of the desired plan to opt out of Glo 11k/sec plan.

8. International Calls: IDD calls will be charged at the standard international call tariff. Customers can purchase IDD packs for international call benefits.

9. Eligibility: All new and existing prepaid customers can avail of the Glo 11k/sec plan by dialing *301#.

10. Call Rates:

  • On-net call rate: 11 kobo/sec
  • Off-net call rate: 11 kobo/sec
  • International call rate: Standard IDD tariff
  • Flexi data browsing: N1/MB

11. Account Balance Check: Dial *310# to check your account balance.

12. Access Fee Clarification: The access fee is charged upfront on the first call of the day and doesn’t provide any additional voice minutes.

Customers looking for an economical calling option can benefit from Glo’s 11k/sec plan.

Best GLO Data Plans:

In addition to competitive tariff plans, GLO offers a range of data packages to cater to diverse browsing needs. You can navigate to the plans by dialing *301#.
Here are some of the cheapest and most popular data plans offered by GLO:

  • Glo Daily Data Plans: Starting from as low as N50 for 35MB, Glo’s daily data plans provide affordable options for users with light browsing needs.
  • Glo Weekly and Monthly Data Plans: With options ranging from N500 for 1.6GB to N3000 for 14GB, Glo’s weekly and monthly data plans offer generous data allowances at reasonable prices, suitable for moderate to heavy internet users.
  • Glo Mega Data Plans: For users with high data consumption, Glo’s mega data plans provide exceptional value, with options like N5000 for 32.5GB and N8000 for 62.5GB, catering to power users and households with multiple devices.


When it comes to choosing the best tariff plan and data package, GLO offers a variety of options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you prioritize low call rates, uninterrupted service, or affordable data bundles, GLO has something for everyone. By selecting the right tariff plan and data package, users can enjoy seamless connectivity and maximize their mobile experience without breaking the bank.

With GLO’s commitment to providing affordable and reliable mobile services, Nigerians can stay connected, informed, and empowered in today’s digital landscape. Choose GLO for the best tariff plans and cheapest data packages in Nigeria, and experience the freedom to connect anytime, anywhere.

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