Best 10 Microfinance Banks in Nigeria for 2024


In Nigeria, microfinance banks (MFBs) play a crucial role in providing financial services to low-income earners, the unbanked, and underserved groups. With only 64% of the adult population financially included, these banks are pivotal in bridging the gap. Here, we explore the best 10 microfinance banks in Nigeria for 2024, focusing on efficient service delivery, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Top 10 Microfinance Banks 2024

1. Palmpay

Palmpay has rapidly gained traction as a leading microfinance online bank in Nigeria. It offers a range of services including money transfers, bill payments, and loans, all accessible through its highly intuitive mobile app. Palmpay is praised for its swift transactions and cashback rewards, making it a favorite among digital users.

2. KUDA Microfinance Bank

KUDA Bank, established in 2016, has redefined digital banking in Nigeria. Known as “the bank of the free,” KUDA offers online-only savings, digital lending, and various banking services through its user-friendly app. Backed by over $90 million, KUDA is popular among the youth, providing seamless banking experiences.

3. Opay

Opay, part of the Opera Group, is another prominent player in the Nigerian microfinance sector. Launched in 2018, Opay provides extensive services such as payments, transfers, loans, and savings. Its robust app and numerous agents nationwide ensure that users enjoy convenient and reliable financial services.

4. VFD Microfinance Bank (VBank)

VFD Microfinance Bank, commonly known as VBank, is known for its fully digitized banking approach. The VBank app offers advanced features, including savings, loans, and current accounts. Since its inception in 2011, VBank has focused on providing a streamlined and efficient banking experience, appealing to tech-savvy Nigerians.

5. MoniePoint

MoniePoint stands out as a versatile microfinance online bank, offering services like money transfers, bill payments, and savings. Its platform is designed for ease of use, ensuring quick and secure transactions. MoniePoint’s widespread agent network also supports its digital offerings, making it accessible to a broad audience.

6. LAPO Microfinance Bank

Established in the 1980s, LAPO Microfinance Bank focuses on economically empowering low-income households. It offers a range of financial services, including micro-loans and savings accounts. LAPO’s commitment to sustainable and responsive financial services has made it a trusted name in the sector.

7. ACCION Microfinance Bank

Since its establishment in 2006, ACCION Microfinance Bank has aimed to empower micro-entrepreneurs and low-income earners. It offers various loans, including business and education loans, through its mobile and USSD channels. ACCION’s ethical and sustainable approach has earned it a solid reputation.

8. Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank

Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank, rebranded in 2016, is known for its excellent financial services supported by cutting-edge technology. The bank offers quick loan applications and flexible repayment plans. Its emphasis on customer satisfaction and innovation sets it apart in the microfinance sector.

9. AB Microfinance Bank

Founded in 2008, AB Microfinance Bank provides a range of services including micro-loans, SME loans, and housing loans. With its headquarters in Lagos, AB Microfinance Bank is committed to being a socially responsible bank for micro and small enterprises, offering savings and current accounts as well.

10. Sparkle Microfinance Bank

Launched in 2019, Sparkle Microfinance Bank aims to democratize access to finance for small businesses and individuals. Leveraging technology, Sparkle offers a comprehensive suite of financial services through its mobile app. Its focus on innovation and digital solutions makes it a noteworthy player in the market.


These top 10 microfinance online banks are leading the charge in providing essential financial services to underserved Nigerians. Their emphasis on digital solutions, customer satisfaction, and efficient service delivery positions them as key players in Nigeria’s financial inclusion landscape for 2024.

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